Rainlendar Pro 2.13.1 для Mac OS X

Элементы Rainlendar нарисованы в подобном воздушном стиле. Заметки, события и окна календаря можно передвигать по экрану и скрывать всего одним кликом. Rainlendar отличается от классических компьютерных календарей возможностью настроить интерфейс и без усилий ввести заметку или запись о важном событии. Для управления Rainlendar настраиваются комбинации горячих клавиш, а с помощью доступных плагинов приложение напрямую интегрируется в другие утилиты как Outlook и iCalendar. Rainlendar всегда находится под рукой в системном трее и открывается при нажатии на пиктограмму.

Rainlendar is a customizable calendar application which stays out of your way but keeps all your important events and tasks always visible on your desktop.
That makes Railendar, a calendar, unfulfilled expectations a priori, meets a lot, play an important role for all those crazy heads that we often forget appointments, birthdays, premieres, and so on.

Rainlendar has several skins, some very clear and beautiful, all of them being extremely easy to mark a special day and insert an appropriate comment.

In Rainlendar, days can be labeled as holidays, major, or birthdays. Of course, you can include comments about the day such as Etiquetes. Comments will be placing the mouse over Rainlendar, specifically over the day in question.

Изменения в версии 2.13.1 Build 147:

- Weekly recurring tasks did not show due date correctly if the interval was greater than 1.
— '!'-char broke the links.
— Using %W in time items moved the time to the first day of the week.
— The current language is now stored as a string to settings so that it doesn't accidentally change when upgrading to new version.
— The tooltip is opened always upwards if there is more room.
— Changing months from keyboard works only if no modifiers (shift, alt, control) are down.
— Added check to prevent redraw loop in task and event lists.

Rainlendar Pro 2.13.1 для Mac OS X

Год выхода: 2017
Версия: 2.13.1
Разработчик: Rainlendar
Системные требования: Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблетка: Не требуется
Размер: 20,31 Мб

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