SuperTab 3.0 для Mac OS

• Активные программы,
• Последние приложения,
• Последние документы,
• Dock ,
• Элементам с этикеткой или тегами,
• Элементам боковой панели Finder ,
• Содержимого папки,
• Окнам приложений,
• Веб-сайтам многое другое.

Доступно множество других, интересных и полезных настроек для быстрого доступа и Вашего удобства.

SuperTab allows you to fully customize the Mac’s built- in Command-Tab app switcher. Before SuperTab, the app switcher only gave you access to your currently active apps. With SuperTab installed, you now have access to a whole lot more when pressing Command-Tab, such as:

• Active apps
• Recent apps
• Recent documents
• Dock items
• Folder contents
• Application windows
• Any files, folders or applications
• Calendar Items
• Dropbox items
• Clipboard history
• Multiple clipboards
• Customizable screen shots
• Web site shortcuts
• Tagged items
• Finder sidebar items
• Saved spotlight searches
• Display configurations

SuperTab also gives you powerful control over your applications by allowing you to configure any application to automatically:

• Open itself to ensure it is running when users need it: during work hours, week days, week day evenings, weekend days or all the time.
• Hide itself after it has been in the background for a user-selected time period.
• Quit itself after it has been idle for a user-selected time period.
• Prevent System Sleep or Screen Saver activation when it is the foreground application.

There’s a lot more too!

• Assign custom hot keys to any file, folder or app — as well as to many actions within SuperTab.
• Preview Text, Image and PDF file contents directly within SuperTab.
• Drill down into folders to access virtually any file or folder with ease.

What’s New Version 3.0:

• Now access your upcoming calendar events right in the app switcher
• Most Requested Feature: Items now can overlay their name on top of their icons
• Multiple Monitor Support: Now show SuperTab’s enhanced app switcher on any monitor
• Access application windows by recent use or grouped by application

SuperTab 3.0 для Mac OS

Год выхода: 2017
Версия: 3.0
Разработчик: SpriTec Software
Системные требования: Mac OS X 10.9 or later
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблетка: Patch
Размер: 8,53 Мб

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